Michael Howell, MD


Academic Title

Associate Professor

Clinical Title

University of Minnesota Physician


Medical School
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, North Dakota

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sleep Medicine
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Board Certification
Psychiatry and Neurology (Neurology)
Sleep Medicine

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Administrative Contact
Judy Strand

Office Address
Department of Neurology
University of Minnesota
420 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Department of Neurology
University of Minnesota
MMC 295, 420 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Bio Statement

Dr Howell is a neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders and sees patients at Fairview Riverside and Fairview Southdale. He is Program Director of the Clinical Sleep Medicine Fellowship at Hennepin County Medical Center and the University of Minnesota as well as Medical Director of the Fairview Sleep Center-Edina. His clinical interests include sleepwalking and related disorders such as REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, Sleep Related Eating Disorder, sleep seizures and other violent sleep behaviors.

Research Interests

My research interests include characterizing the relationship between sleep and neurological disorders, and determining whether these processes are reversible with current or experimental therapies. I am also interested in the relationship between sleep and obesity. Specifically, I am investigating whether poor sleep as a result of sleep deprivation or of sleep disorders leads to or contributes to the current global obesity pandemic.

Selected Publications

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